New Chapter Bone Strength Calcium Supplement - 120 ct Slim Tabs

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Special Features:

  • Contains plant-based, whole-food calcium sourced from the pristine coast of Iceland, not limestone.
  • Also provides key whole-food complexed nutrients like Vitamin D3, which helps in the absorption of calcium, and Vitamin K, which helps in the maintenance of bones.
  • Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.
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Plant-sourced and porous, this Calcium is part of an intricate matrix of minerals that are organized in a natural honeycomb structure. For holistic bone health, it delivers whole-food Calcium, Magnesium and multiple other trace minerals. New Chapter also adds a proprietary blend of Vitamins K2 and D3 to help your body absorb Calcium properly and effectively.

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