Circadian Optics Lattis Light Therapy Lamp

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Special Features:

  • Sleek and modern looking
  • 5500K light mimicking noon-time sun
  • Filter out 100% UV light
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It is designed based on the modern principles of sleek lines and functionality.  The sleek and modern looking design sets it apart from other lamps, and is something you'll be happy to keep on your desk all year round. Designed in New York City, it is made from premium materials and to the highest standards.The lamp's LED array gives out a 5500K light that mimics the color of the sun at noon-time. The LED bulbs produce a flicker-free light that is rated to last 50,000 hours, or 100 years of daily use. The built-in diffuser filters out UV light and produces diffuse and even light across the entire panel, preventing harsh glare. The 10,000 lux light is effective in easing various circadian rhythm problems.

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