Lighting Science SleepyBaby Sleep-promoting LED Light Bulb, 2-pack

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Special Features:

  • Prepares the Body for Sleep, Supports Natural Sleep Cycles
  • 275 Lumens
  • cETL Listed
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The Sleepy Baby® LED Nursery Lamp was designed with Lighting Science’s proprietary light technology to reduce stimulating blue light and will not disturb your infant’s sleep when you need lighting to care for your little one. Sleepy Baby® helps your child develop a natural circadian rhythm, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and return to sleep quicker. 
The Sleepy Baby® Bulb is perfect for quiet tasks, such as changes or feedings at night – perfect for when you don’t want to disrupt your little one’s ability to fall back asleep quickly.  The soft light is gentle, but sufficient for task lighting. It will not expose you or your baby to light that prevents the production of melatonin*, a hormone that helps regulate your circadian rhythm and restful sleep.  


  • Soft, gentle glow prepares the body for sleep
  • Bright enough for task lighting yet dim enough to be undisruptive to your child’s sleep
  • Brightness: 275 lumens
  • High CRI for excellent visual acuity
  • Intentionally lacks blue wavelengths in its spectral output, so will not interfere with your child’s production of melatonin*   
  • Fits into any standard Edison, medium base lamp
  • Actual wattage:  4.5
  • Replacement wattage: 40
  • Colour temperature (Kelvin): 2100 K (Warm white)
  • Colour rendering index (CRI):  >85
  • Melanopic/Photopic Ratio (M/P): 0.27 +/-0.02
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low heat emission
  • Input voltage: 110-120 V
  • Base: E26
  • Usage:  Indoor, dry locations, dimmable
  • ROHS compliant
  • cETL / FCC Listed


*Melatonin is a hormone that is needed for sleep and circadian rhythm regulation, and oftentimes, when someone experiences trouble sleeping or insomnia, a lack of natural melatonin production can be the cause. 

For Best Results: Use the Sleepy Baby® LED lamps for any illumination in the evening, especially before going to bed and during standard bedtime routines. Please turn off Sleepy Baby® when no light is needed, as the best sleep is always attained in a dark, cool room. Sleepy Baby® should be used exclusively if light is required during any nighttime activities, such as changings or feedings.