Verilux HappyLight Touch LED Energy Lamp, VT32WW3

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Special Features:

  • Touch brightness and colour controls
  • Delivers 10,000 Lux* at up to 15cm/6”
  • Optix® lens provides flexible light intensity and reduced glare to provide the eye with even stimulation
  • Compact size for easy portability
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What is Light Therapy?

Sunlight is an essential ingredient for a healthy lifestyle, but many of us don't get the amount of bright light we need to experience its mood enhancing benefits. The HappyLight® Touch brings daylight indoors by emitting a bright white, full spectrum light that safely mimics sunlight.

Daily Light Intake

Easily integrate light therapy into your daily routine, at home or away from home. Mornings are the best time to use light therapy to energize yourself naturally.

The Benefits


Alleviates the winter blues. The HappyLight provides Natural Spectrum® light comparable to daylight, research from the Center for Environmental Therapy and National Institute of Health cites the use of Light Therapy lamps to combat the tiredness associated with the winter blues,  and the effects of shift work or jet lag.


Fight fatigue and increase alertness. Natural Spectrum light cues the body's natural energy enhancers to reduce sluggishness and lethargy.


Our brain’s chemistry and body clock are affected by light, and light stimulates hormones and neurotransmitters that greatly influence our well-being including sleep/wake patterns. 


Full spectrum light provides important signals to the body to help you relax, focus, and feel revitalized. If you can't get outdoors or there's not enough natural light available, a HappyLight is a perfect choice to get your daily light intake. 

Light Therapy Can Help if You...

  • need to alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues
  • have trouble sleeping or have an irregular sleep schedule due to shift work
  • spend a lot of time indoors due to work or home bound health issues
  • experience fatigue, jet lag, or have trouble concentrating
  • seek a balanced lifestyle with drug-free, natural solutions

How To Use

Sit at an angle close to the lamp with your eyes open. While staying oriented toward the light, feel free to engage in other activities such as reading, writing, hobbies, and crafts, sewing, needlepoint, applying make-up or working at your computer or desk.


Put your HappyLight in a convenient location like on a table top or desk and turn it on.


Find a distance and angle that is comfortable for you (make sure the light is facing your eyes, but avoid looking directly into the light)


We recommend starting with 10 minutes, and then increase your usage to 30 minutes to 1 hour daily until you find a time that is most effective for you.

See the User's Manual for more info on assembly & customizing your HappyLight usage.

The light from the HappyLight Energy Lamp must be directed at your eyes; therefore, your eyes must be open to achieve the full benefit. Note: Tinted glasses reduce the amount of light reaching your eyes.

When you are feeling sluggish and lethargic, spend more time with the light, sit closer to it or adjust the settings to increase the intensity. If you experience edginess or are over-stimulated, as though you have consumed too much coffee, move the light farther away or reduce your session times.

When to Use? How Often? For How Long?

Researchers at the National Institute of Health demonstrated that white light, in a range of 2,500 to 10,000 Lux, helped to reverse the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the winter blues. Exposure strategies affect people differently. We all have different reactions to our environment. It is important to establish a distance and schedule that is comfortable for you. We recommend you use the light regularly and at about the same time each day. Continue to use the HappyLight daily to feel an improvement in your mood and activity level.

  1. It is not necessary to sit in front of the lamp continuously during the day. You can divide the time into several mini-sessions. 
  2. Consider using the lamp on the high setting in the morning and use the medium or low setting in the afternoon – or vice versa – whichever works better for you. You may start with shorter session times and increase them as you become more accustomed to the lamp.
  3. Especially if you’re using an energy lamp for the first time, the HappyLight Touch has 3 intensity settings that let you start at a lower level of light intensity and build, if need be, to the highest intensity (10,000 Lux) over a time period that’s best for you. In addition, you can adjust the color from warm white to day light for added comfort.


Performance Delivers 10,000 Lux* at up to 15cm/6”
  Flicker-elimination technology reduces fatigue and eyestrain
  Natural Spectrum illumination assures comfortable light therapy
Flexibility Touch brightness and color controls
  Optix® lens provides flexible light intensity and reduced glare to provide the eye with even stimulation

*At high intensity setting

Convenience Compact size for easy portability
Efficiency Energy-efficient LED technology
Dimensions Weight: 0.635 kg/1.4 lbs.
  Height: 26.035cm/10.25"
  Width: 16.193cm/6.375"
  Depth: 1.27cm/0.5" (9.5cm/3.74" with stand)
  Cord length: 183cm/6'


Power of Light

10,000 Lux is the light intensity recommended by the U.S. National Institute of Health to trigger your brain's response to light to improve well-being. If you're thinking about starting a light therapy routine, easy-to-use HappyLight is the perfect combination of intensity, comfort, and flexibility.

User Manual