HealthAndYoga(TM) Portable Peak Flow Meter With Protective Moveable Arm

In Stock-

Special Features:

  • Designed to measure vital lung capacity or performance to monitor asthma or respiratory functions
  • Portable, accurate and durable meter, comes with peak flow chart and instructional manual
  • Light-weight plastic with anatomically designed mouth for an easy and snug fit without air leakage
  • Special Handle folds down to act as a cover to protect the tool from dust or pollutants + a stand
  • Easy-to-read Scale marker with Colored zone marks measures range from 100 to 850 liters per minute
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The peak flow meter is designed to get an accurate and quick measurement of your peak expiratory flow. The measurement helps you to monitor or manage your lung conditions…..The integrated scale gives measurement from 100 to 850 liters per minute. A thin color coded strip is provided to line up with the scale as suggested by your healthcare professional after your examination. The red zone indicates critical condition, yellow indicates average and green shows a healthy condition….The anatomical shaped integral mouth piece does not allow leakage of air during expiration and the handle not only provides support but also acts as a cover or case for the meter when it is not in use….A peak flow meter chart and an instructional manual are provided to easily understand the monitoring and managing of respiratory conditions.