MyPurMist Free Cordless Handheld Steam Inhaler

In Stock-

Special Features:

  • 100% Natural, Drug Free
  • Relieves Sinus Congestion, Cold and Allergy Symptoms
  • MyPurMist Free Steam Inhaler Includes Installed Hepa Filter, Adult Mask, 8 Ultrapure Sterile Water Refills, Scent Pad, Travel Bag and Wall Charger
  • Additional Items in Costco Bundle - 1 Adult Mask, 40 Ultrapure Sterile Water Refills and Hands Free Strap
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MyPurMist creates instant, fine mist that penetrates deep into your sinuses, nose and throat; providing drug-free relief from inflammation and congestion caused by allergies, sinus infections, colds and flu. MyPurMist Free provides germ-free, allergen-free and pollutant-free therapeutic mist. MyPurMist Free is cordless and can be used anywhere, anytime with a simple press of a button. MyPurMist Free requires no preparation, waiting or cleanup. It has set a new standard for convenience, speed, and ease of use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Relief from inflammation and congestion
  • Drug-free relief
  • Free from allergens, germs, irritants, and pollutants
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Ultrapure sterile water
  • Microprocessor with Bluetooth for mobile app
  • Instant steam for fast relief
  • Automatic drying cycle, no cleanup
  • Great for the whole family (for ages above 12 years)



  • MyPurMist Free cordless ultrapure steam inhaler
  • 2 Latex-free soft replaceable masks
  • 48 MyPurMist ultrapure sterile water refills
  • 6 eucalyptus and peppermint scent pad sessions
  • Travel bag
  • Wall Charger
  • Handsfree strap