Vocal Throat & Clear Voice Projection Therapy

In Stock-

Special Features:

  • Doctor designed for lung conditions and anyone suffering from allergies, cold or flu symptoms.
  • Benefits: Alleviates congestion, clears airways. opens nasal passages, breaks down and expels mucus.
  • Can be inhaled nasally and orally. Works fast, very portable with rechargeable battery.
  • Includes: Leather case, 1 Battery, 1 Tank, 1 USB, 1 Wall Plug, and Mild, Medium & Strong solution.
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The Nano Mister delivers cool, medicated, nano-sized droplets directly to the deepest regions of your lungs for Ultra-Fast Onset. The nano-mist penetrates deeper into the lungs than any previous steamer, resulting in fast and effective relief. Contains only pure, natural, and tested ingredients that are all essential oils. Nano-Mist is formulated and produced in the USA. Hardware uses stainless steel and Pyrex glass components. This is a personal steam not a medical device. Benefits may include: Cools and soothes the throat and nasal passages for better airflow. Penetrates deep into the lungs, opening up the airways. Contains an Expectorant to easily break down and clear out mucus. Suppresses coughing, reduces throat irritation, and alleviates inflammation of the airways. Contains an Expectorant to mobilize and expel phlegm. Relieves symptoms of bronchitis.